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What we do

Wolverine Tube Europe is an independent supplier of non‑ferrous semi‑products.
Your wishes and requirements form the starting point, and it is on this basis that we supply the most appropriate products for the given situation, irrespective of the manufacturer. The service we provide is also completely attuned to your specific needs.

Wolverine Tube Europe delivers custom work at the quality and price that suit you.

Along the years our customers have placed their trust in Wolverine Tube Europe for some very important reasons:

Know-how: Wolverine Tube Europe BV selects the best mix of supply conditions (materials quality, sources, delivery time, pricing) according to the customers’ priorities and budget.

Wide product range:  Wolverine Tube Europe BV can supply many different alloys, of which the most popular are:

Complete service range:  Wolverine Tube Europe BV manages and is accountable for every step in the supply chain: material sourcing, packaging, marking, transportation to the shipment point or to the final destination, inspections, custom clearance, documentation, test certificates. All in accordance to international standards and project specifications.

Close to the customers: Wolverine Tube Europe BV.  is your partner in every project phase, from the bidding stage to the main supply, up to the smaller order integrations.